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The transmission of hepatitis B is so easy. Learn how to protect your family and your loved ones from being infected.The most common ways of transmission includes:

  • SEX: You can get it if you have unprotected sex with someone who has it and your partner’s blood, saliva, semen, or vaginal secretions enter your body.
  • SHARING NEEDLES: The virus spreads easily via needles and syringes contaminated with infected blood.
  • ACCIDENTAL NEEDLE STICKS: Health care workers and anyone else who comes in contact with human blood can get it this way.
  • MOTHER TO CHILD: Pregnant women with hepatitis B can pass it to their babies during childbirth. But there’s a vaccine to prevent newborns from becoming infected. If you’re pregnant, you might pass the virus to your baby at birth. It’s less likely to happen during your pregnancy. If your baby gets the virus and isn’t treated, he could have long-term liver problems. All newborns with infected mothers should get hepatitis B immune globulin and the vaccine for hepatitis at birth and during their first year of life.


  • Get vaccinated (if you haven’t already been infected).
  • Use condoms every time you have sex.
  • Wear gloves when you clean up after others, especially if you have to touch bandages, tampons, and linens.
  • Cover all open cuts or wounds.
  • Don’t share razors, toothbrushes, nail care tools, or pierced earrings with anyone.
  • Don’t share chewing gum, and don’t pre-chew food for a baby.
  • Make certain that any needles for drugs, ear piercing, or tattoos — or tools for manicures and pedicures — are properly sterilized.
  • Clean up blood with one part household bleach and 10 parts water.

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